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FAO English FrenchFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations LookUp or MemorizexxAMWCcBYk
Educational Setting English SpanishGlossary for Educational SettingsCalifornia Department of Education LookUp or MemorizeUVj7ak7p
FAO Multi English Spanish French Arabic Russian MandarinFAO multiFAO LookUp or MemorizejJQtnYx5
General Legal Glossary English SpanishGeneral Legal LookUp or MemorizevYafbCca
General Legal French ArabicGeneral glossary of legal termsAssan LookUp or MemorizeD2dQ4BtG
Finance English ArabicGeneral glossary of financial terms LookUp or MemorizeXtqcCVYA
Automotive German ItalianGeneral terminology on automotive LookUp or Memorizevz8ZC4Cf
EN ES interpreting technologies English Spanish LookUp or MemorizeWBD2y88v
動物実験 English Japanese LookUp or MemorizedWzTm6BT
OIST human experiment 2020 English JapaneseOIST human experiment 2020Tamaki LookUp or MemorizePQuu8rV4
Diabete English ItalianDiabetes (en-it)Davide Ferrara LookUp or Memorize2jgcFRQn
Cambio climático Spanish English FrenchCambio climático LookUp or MemorizeahZsRZPA
AAA_Vertreibung1 German ItalianVertreibung LookUp or MemorizeC53Q9cHg
Arbeitsrecht German Italian LookUp or Memorizec99Fb6kf
European Affairs German Italian EnglishEU LookUp or MemorizeU9ya4fMx
Evento Feb 2021 - Management English Spanish LookUp or MemorizeCsdExBUZ
Diabete_EN English ItalianDiabete EN-ITAlessandro Segatori LookUp or MemorizevgCYsdm9
Healthy diet Italian EnglishDavide Ferrara LookUp or MemorizeCmdMnAve
Coronavirus German Slovak LookUp or MemorizeqTQSPYmv
Environment English Chinese LookUp or Memorize2HfU7Awf
EP Italian English Spanish Polish French LookUp or Memorizee9N4Adpq
ambito medico fr. Italian French LookUp or MemorizeXQPtrhbN
Glosario de traducción científica English SpanishVocabulario de uso corriente en abstracts de medicina y algunos términos de biología.mathlabor LookUp or Memorizer6PPgZFH

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